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Tax Investigation

What is Tax Investigation?

We understand that keeping your tax affairs in order can sometimes be a challenge. Our success in resolving all kinds of investigations, ranging from simple tax enquiries to complex investigations and voluntary disclosures, enables us to minimise the stress and anxiety caused by an investigation. We use our experience and expertise to guide you smoothly through the process and always strive to achieve the best possible result for you.

Whether you are a sole trader, operate in partnership, run your own company, manage a large business or act as a trustee, we can help resolve your problems with the taxman. Whatever your needs, we'll do everything we can to meet them while keeping your direct contact with HMRC to a minimum - so you can get on with your life.

Our practice is increasingly concerned about compliance activity from HM Revenue & Customs and as a result, we have launched a new service for clients. HMRC can select any taxpayer for investigation and if you are selected for enquiry, The defence costs to represent you can be considerable. Our new Tax Investigations Service is designed to alleviate this problem as it reimburses the costs of your professional defence in the event of investigation. There have been significant changes within HMRC over the last few years and we strongly recommend that all clients subscribe to our new service

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Tax investigation

Tax Investigation

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