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What Is Patent?

A patent is a grant from Government, which confers on the grantee for a limited period of time, the exclusive privilege of making, selling and using the invention for which a patent has been granted and also of authorizing others of doing so.

What are the requirements of Patent?

Requirements of Patents are:

Any invention which satisfies the definition of invention given in the Act may be patented. Invention means a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. Inventive step means a feature that makes the invention not obvious to a person skilled in that art. Capable of industrial application in relation to invention, means that invention is capable of being made or used in an industry.

Advantages of Patents :

What is our role?

We aim to provide a patent function for organizations which require in-house expertise and service without incurring the expense of appointing full time personnel. We will undertake most types of patent work typically provided by an in-house patent function, including patent drafting, prosecution and opposition, and will advise on patentability, infringement and right-to-practice matters. We also provide advice regarding intellectual property management and strategy for organizations which use intellectual property as a key component of their business strategy, and can assist in due diligence for acquisitions, disposals and financial investments

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It should be an invention. It should be non-obvious.

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