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ISO 28001

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ISO 28001

What Is ISO 28001?

Security risks have to be taken seriously: theft, disruption, industrial espionage, product manipulation or counterfeiting, fraud and even terrorism. Since the assets at risk are yours or your customers, it makes sound business sense to reduce the level of risk - especially as the complex nature of today's globalisation and transport chains means all stakeholders are everybody suffers. A certified risk management system based on a uniform security standard is an important step towards tackling supply chain threats, thereby enhancing your reputation as a reliable player in the transport business. GL Certification is the first certification body worldwide to offer accredited certification services according to the newly developed ISO 28000 security standard. Security certification is a strong tool and GL Certification is your strong partner.

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With credo & confidence, we are specialized in Consultancy of High Quality Process of ISO 28001 based on International Standards. Trained manpower is our dedicated strength.

We have carried out different Certification through our internationally recognized reputed Certification bodies.

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ISO 28001

ISO 28001

Security Management is linked to many other aspects of business management.

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