Encript Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a cryptographically secure key issued by certifying authorities (CAs) to validate and verify the identity of the person who holds this certificate.

Digital Signature with Encryption Certificate

It is a Class 3 Combo Certificate. Class 3 is the highest level secure dsc and it mostly uses on all government portals for validation and authentication of the user. It has Signing and encrypt certificates. Most of the E-tendering and Eprocurements portals demands both Sign and Encrypt Certificates. Sign certificates for data authentication and document signatures while encryption certificates encrypt data in transactions. It converts the data into an encrypted format so that no one can crack this online data. It is the best DSC for Venders, Contractors, Bidders, and Organizations.

How do I update my encryption certificate?

You can update the encryption certificate used for an application connection. You'll need to be able to browse to the new certificate file to use. In the PingOne admin portal, click Setup > Certificates. In the certificate list, filter the list to display only encryption certificates.

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