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What Is Design?

Design only means the features of shapes, pattern, configuration, ornament or the composition of lines and the colors applied to any article regardless in any number of dimensional forms by industrial means or process. It also not matters whether chemical, mechanical or manual whether combined or separate but it should only be a finished article and should be judged solely. However it should not include any principle or mode of construction or anything that is in substance or is mere mechanical device. The article should also not include any trademark, property mark or any pervious copyright as defined under the law.

Those designs which are original or new are subject to design application registration in India. However the designs that are disclosed to the public in India or any other country by publication or are used in any other form before filing the date cannot be registered to the design registration services. The design registration in India can be classified into two categories according to their priority of claim. Conventional design application which should be registered within six months from filing of the conventional application and the other is ordinary design application that does not have any priority.

Creativity :

A design doesn't have to be new, different or impressive to be successful in the marketplace, as long as it's fulfilling a need, but design methods do lead to innovative products and serivces. Designers learn that ideas that may seem strange are worth exploring and that the 'common-sense' solution is not always the right one. Designers often hit on counter-intuitive concepts through Design Council - 2

Design is New Collaborations :

Design today is also new collaborations. Design can change the way people interact with products, and with each other. Design can connect people. Design is crowdsourcing. Designers are involving other members of the community to brainstorm on ideas or collaborate on projects – and this is helping designers redefine and expand their notion of what they do, and why they do it. We are seeing the entire supply and consumption chain being reconsidered and opened up to new collaborations.

Benefits of Design:

The essential purpose of design registration to protect the design element of industrial production. It is also intended to promote innovative activity in the field of industries.

What is our role?

Our role is to help our clients protect their novel design, by making design application for purpose of getting it registered.

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Design only means the features of shapes, pattern, configuration, ornament.

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